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HfS Report: Framing a Constitution for Robotistan

The report, published by Horses for Sources (HfS), a research firm specializing in business operations strategies, discusses the ways in which robotic automation technology has the potential to open.

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Datamark Names Blue Prism in its ‘Top 10 Business Process Outsourcing Trends for 2014’

Datamark, a leading BPO provider, has published a report that predicts trends expected to mold the BPO industry in 2014. Datamark expects to see industry pioneers gain traction in the robotic.

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The Institute of Robotic Process Automation Launches in NYC

Frank Casale, founder and CEO of the Outsourcing Institute, has announced the launch of a new network focused solely on robotic process automation in order to educate and prepare leaders in the IT,.

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Cool Software Robots to Change Mundane Nature of Administrative Work

After meeting with Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate, Bob Brown of Network World reports on the potential software robots have to change the way we work through the automation of mundane IT-related.

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Are Software Robots Taking Over?

Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate recently sat down with Robert Mitchell of Computerworld to discuss how software robots are the “next big thing” – specifically pointing to automating business.

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Does Robotic Process Automation Have the Potential to Revolutionize the BPO Industry?

Outsource Magazine’s Martin Conboy discusses Robotic Process Automation (RPA), highlighting it as the next big thing for the BPO industry. Conboy explains how Robotic Process Automation will alter.

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