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Walgreens’ Prescription for HR Services Efficiency

By Shail Khiyara

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Roadmap to Self-Sufficiency

By Shail Khiyara, CMXO of Blue Prism

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New Independent Study Reveals Why Not All Software Robots Are Created Equally


By Leslie Willcocks


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The Future of the Digital Worker: Knowledge and Insight

By: Colin Redbond, Head of Technology Strategy for Blue Prism

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McKinsey & Co.: The next acronym you need to know is RPA

Robotics are beginning to have a profound effect on business, says Xavier Lhuer, an associate principal at McKinsey & Company. Recently, Xavier sat down with our colleague and friend Professor Leslie.

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Why your next IT hire could be a robot

Dave Moss, CTO of Blue Prism, discusses with CIODive how enterprises might handle the rise of the bots and how the IT organization can make a smooth transition to RPA technology.

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Blue Prism CTO Speaks on The Virtual Workforce at TEDxUCL

Each year, the University College London hosts TEDxUCL, an independently-organized TED event attracting more than 1,000 students, academics and thought leaders across industries for a day surrounding.

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