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Change is in the Air: How to Leverage RPA in the Healthcare Industry to Drive Greater Efficiencies & Improve Patient Care

The healthcare industry, especially traditional care providers, are experiencing one of the most disruptive periods in memory. Profitability and revenues are down for many health systems. Giants.

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The Right Operating Model for Effective RPA Deployments

By Ganesh Iyer, Symphony Ventures 

Today, the term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is enjoying mindshare among a growing number of business executives globally. While it evokes different emotions.

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Is Complexity Killing the Customer Experience?

By Stuart Guy, Trust Portal

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How to get IT on board with RPA

Q&A with Symphony Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer David Brain

What is the initial feedback from IT? Where does the resistance lie?

As you might expect, resistance generally comes from.

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