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Blue Prism Cafe: Gilead’s 2020 Vision for Intelligent Automation

By Shail Khiyara, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, Blue Prism

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New Independent Study Reveals Why Not All Software Robots Are Created Equally


By Leslie Willcocks


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Blue Prism Pulse Launches in NYC with a Bang

by: Xina Seaton, VP, Customer Experience at Blue Prism

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The Future of the Digital Worker: Knowledge and Insight

By: Colin Redbond, Head of Technology Strategy for Blue Prism

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Shop Direct Contributes 328,000 People Hours Per Year Back to the Business: RPA Success at One of U.K’s Largest Digital Retailers

By Shail Khiyara

Lindsay Harrison is Shop Direct Group’s Agility Manager and a true veteran of the RPA industry who has been running automation at the company for more than a decade. Many.

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The Future of the Digital Worker: Demystifying Intelligent Process Automation

By: Colin Redbond, Blue Prism's Head of Technology Strategy and Architecture

It is well known that Blue Prism invented RPA, but in this brave new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are.

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Enterprises need robotic automation and human innovation to remain competitive

Robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and other intelligent automation technologies are the driving force in what is being called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In.

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McKinsey & Co.: The next acronym you need to know is RPA

Robotics are beginning to have a profound effect on business, says Xavier Lhuer, an associate principal at McKinsey & Company. Recently, Xavier sat down with our colleague and friend Professor Leslie.

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Why You Need IT On Board for Your RPA Initiative: Part One

Professor Mary Lacity Makes the Case for Increased CIO Involvement in automation projects

The benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the enterprise have become almost too enticing to.

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Xconomy: Software Robots Are Transforming Old Guard Industries

Automation shows no sign of slowing down, says Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate in an article for Xconomy. This is especially true in ‘old-guard’ industries like financial services and insurance,.

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