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Leading the Way in RPA Innovation After More Than Decade

By Andre Fuochi

When we first coined the term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) over a decade ago, we quickly realized how valuable and transformative this technology would be for all enterprises..

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New Independent Study Reveals Why Not All Software Robots Are Created Equally


By Leslie Willcocks


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The Future of the Digital Worker: Knowledge and Insight

By: Colin Redbond, Head of Technology Strategy for Blue Prism

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The Future of the Digital Worker: Demystifying Intelligent Process Automation

By: Colin Redbond, Blue Prism's Head of Technology Strategy and Architecture

It is well known that Blue Prism invented RPA, but in this brave new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are.

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Is AI a Friend or Foe? techUK Finds Answers During Artificial Intelligence Week

To promote the opportunities and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in the UK, the Information Technology Telecommunications and Electronics Association group, techUK, shared news, views and.

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How to get IT on board with RPA

Q&A with Symphony Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer David Brain

What is the initial feedback from IT? Where does the resistance lie?

As you might expect, resistance generally comes from.

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